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Proposed changes to parking in Richmond Road

Proposed changes to parking in Richmond Road

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Your views would be appreciated:

The Parish is seeking your views on the proposed changes to Richmond Road in response to safety concerns raised in regard to the existing on-street parking on the east and west sides. When vehicles are parked on both sides this narrows the clear carriageway significantly and results in the clear space being extremely tight for emergency services to access Richmond Road. The narrow clear roadway width with the parked cars is also causing access problems for refuse vehicles and delivery/service companies with large vehicles (i.e. oil delivery).


In order to resolve this problem the intention is that some on-street parking will be removed so that a wider clear space is created, especially for emergency vehicles. This will result in sections of the east footpath and the bottom of the west footpath being widened. We are planning to place trees along the widened footpaths where possible, but this is subject to the services that are under the roadway.


  • Residents Parking Zone (RPZ) spaces: Loss of 4 RPZ spaces is necessary but we will maintain sufficient parking spaces to meet the current demand; 18 spaces will be provided.
  • Visitor parking spaces: Loss of 9 visitor spaces is necessary; this will result in 8 visitor spaces being provided.
  • Disabled spaces: No changes proposed.

PLEASE LET US KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS: We look forward to hearing from you with your views on the proposals; please email us at infrastructure at with your comments or write to us at the Town Hall, Parish of St Helier Infrastructure, PO Box 50, St Helier, JE4 8PA.

Closing date for this consultatoin is: Friday 21st June 2019.