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Glass Collection

Glass Collection

Christmas collections for residential glass:

Residential glass collections due for collection on Tuesday 25th December 2018 will be collected on Thursday 27th December 2018.

Glass Collection

Residential Glass Collection

There is a kerbside glass collection scheme being rolled out to 500 selected households in St Helier, in order to gain data regarding the feasibility of providing glass collection across the parish. We do, however, have many bottle banks throughout the Parish where you can recycle your glass bottles and containers.

How to dispose of your glass:

  • All glassware should be empty and rinsed with lids or bottle tops removed - labels can remain.
  • Metals, ceramics or needles should not be mixed with the glass.
  • No carrier bags or other household refuse should be mixed with the glass.
  • Large items of glass such as windows or mirrors should be disposed of at Bellozanne.

Please be considerate to your neighbours when depositing glass in banks, and only deposit glass between 7am and 10pm.

For additional information, please call our hotline on (01534) 811842

Kerbside glass recycling scheme

This scheme started in January 2012. We have been fortunate to secure sponsorship from Moore Stephens to run a pilot scheme in certain designated areas of St Helier.

The pilot scheme is providing valuable data regarding the feasibility of providing glass collections across the Parish. All recycled glass in Jersey is currently delivered to the reclamation site at La Collette, where it is used in place of aggregate.

For those households with a shared communal bin bay, the Parish will provide a wheeled bin specifically for glass rather than individual boxes.

The first trial started at the begining of 2012 and continues to cover the following areas:

  • St John's Road - Abbotsmount Etc (code 1 yellow area)
  • Mont à l'Abbé (code 2 blue area)
  • Havre des Pas - Le Clos Vaze - La Grand Clos (code 3-4 orange area)
  • St Andrews Road - Tower Road - Landscape Grove – Le Champs Park Estate (code 5-6-7 pink area)
  • La Pouquelaye Top Section (code1 lilac area)
  • La Pouquelaye Bottom Section (code2 red area)

The calendar showing the day/dates for the all individual coloured area collections can be found in the downloads below.

If you have any queries, or are not sure which area you come under, or need a new collection box please contact Municipal Services, on 811708 or email glass@posh.gov.je.

Commercial Glass Collection

The parish provides a paid for collection service on a Monday Wednesday or Friday. Please contact Municipal Services, on 811708 or email glass@posh.gov.je.