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Top tips for recycling wrapping paper at Christmas:

  • Wrapping paper can be recycled if it passes the scrunch test – if you can scrunch it and it stays in a ball without springing back, it can be recycled. If it doesn’t stay in a ball it can’t be recycled. This is because some metallic-looking paper is actually lined with plastic and cannot be recycled.
  • Glitter cannot be recycled – so make sure glittery paper goes in the general rubbish bin; or you could avoid buying it in the first place to be kinder to the environment.
  • Try to remove as much sticky tape from the wrapping paper before recycling to make it easier to recycle.
  • Remember to rip off any glittery sections and embellishments on cards (like ribbons) before recycling those too.
  • If you order anything online ready for Christmas, it's likely your items will be delivered in boxes or envelopes made from corrugated cardboard. This can be recycled – just remember to remove any polystyrene packing and remove as much sticky tape as possible.

First Tower School 'eco warriors' learning about 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' on their visit to our recycling centre.



Cans & Plastic bottles - can be placed in your red recycling bag

Batteries - can be recycled at:

  • The La Collette Recycling Centre, Gate 4

Town Hall (pink battery bank by the front entrance)

Paper - can be placed in your blue recycling bag or taken to a bring site at:

Chapel Lane
Snow Hill
Nelson Street
People's Park
Convent Court
St Andrew's Park
Esplanade Car Park
Parade Gardens

Brown Cardboard - put out next to your red and blue bags

Glass Bottles - use the Parish of St Helier glass bring banks

If you would like to see more recycling bins in town, or wish to visit the recycling processing facility at the Parish Depot, please contact Debra D'Orleans at townhall@posh.gov.je or 811708.

Coloured Bag Recycling Scheme

This Scheme has now generated over 178 tonnes of recyclables and is available to all households across the Parish. The trailer to France is despatched every two weeks and our French recycling partner is very pleased with the quality of the commodities.

Red and blue bags are available for collection from a number of outlets in St Helier.