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Residential Home

Residential Home

The Residential Home within St Helier is:

St Ewold's Residential Home - St Ewold's is a purpose-built accommodation, housing 66 residents. We strive to provide the highest standard of holistic care while maintaining dignity and independence. There are many things to consider when choosing the right home, and this area of the website will help you gain more information on St Ewold's. The Parish of St Helier is providing a standard of care for the elderly that is widely regarded as second-to-none in the Island.

Moving into St Ewold's

There are many ways to move into St Ewold's. If you or a family member wishes to become a resident, you can contact the Home directly using the contact information provided on the Home Information page. Alternatively, you can be referred to St Ewold's; these referrals can be given by doctors, social workers, the hospital or family members.

It is important to us that you feel completely happy with your choice of home, and therefore the manager of St Ewold's will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. The manager will also be able to organise as many visits to the Home as required. St Ewold's offers all residents a one month trial period to ensure that they feel safe and happy in their new surroundings. This also gives them peace of mind that they can change their mind if they decide that the Home isn't suitable for them. If a resident does decide that the Home isn't suitable, they will be given help in choosing an alternative.

Our Staff

At St Ewold's it is the Home Manager who has overall responsibility for the residents, the staff and the Home's general running. All of our staff teams are made up of qualified health care professionals and care assistants. Home Manager at St Ewold's is Martine Gwinnell, who joined the Parish in July 2018. You can reach her at martine.gwinnell@posh.gov.je.


The cost of staying at St Ewold's varies. Funding can be arranged if finances are below a certain level; if they are above this level then the full amount will be expected.

If you have any queries regarding financial matters please do not hesitate to contact our Home Liaison Officer, Julie Garrod, who can help you. Julie can also answer any queries with regard to moving into a care home and is able to arrange visits without obligation.

Contact Julie Garrod - Home Liaison Officer

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