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Roads Committee Election 14th April 2021

Roads Committee Election 14th April 2021

The St Helier Roads Committee

The Roads Committee is the highway authority responsible for administering St Helier’s by-roads. The Committee comprises the Constable, the Dean of Jersey, and five elected members. The Committee meets monthly, focusing on road safety, road maintenance and improvements to roads and public realm, as well as carrying out Branchage visits each year. Members are elected at the Parish Assembly for a period of 3 years.

Election Results

An election was held at a Parish Assembly on 14th April 2020. Eight candidates were nominated for five positions on the Parish Roads Committee. Each candidate addressed the Parish Assembly during the evening, setting out their views on a wide range of topics. Over 100 parishioners attended the Parish Assembly both in-person and online. 98 people voted in the election and the following were elected to the Parish Roads Committee:

  • Barry Le Feuvre
  • Bernie Manning
  • Kevin Proctor
  • John Baker
  • Ted Vibert

The Candidates

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John Baker - Elected

I have worked on various Parish committees for over 30 years, including Rates, Accounts and Roads Committee, the Shadow Parish Council, and community groups.

I work for the benefit of the ratepayers, not just for the benefit of the Parish itself. I believe in working towards a better environment for all the people who live and work in St Helier.

I am currently working on traffic calming in Vallée des Vaux and road safety improvements at Castle Quay. My work on the Accounts committee is to ensure good value for our ratepayers for all the Parish services. As Chairman of the Shadow Conseil’s Environment Committee, I hope to continue the good work that we are doing to make St Helier a safer, greener place to live and work.

Please give me your support by voting for me at this election.

James Corbett

I live in La Motte Street, St Helier, and am an English QC. My wife, Barbara, is an Advocate. We have had a home in St Helier since 2007. I hope to become an Advocate later this year.

I believe in service to the community. In England I was a school governor for 10 years and chairman of a parish council for 9 years. I also stood for Parliament. A community profits when those who care for where they live are willing to devote time to its affairs. Please give me the opportunity to do so.

I have done my best over the last 2 years to learn more about Parish business. I have done my homework on the duties of the Roads Committee. I believe I can add value in two areas in particular: in my legal experience and my concern for the environment.

Jason Lagadu

As a long-standing Jersey-born St Helier resident I am standing for the Roads Committee to continue my service to the Parish. I have served as a Roads Inspector, recently being elected to serve a second term, a duty which I enjoy, as well as being on the Accounts Committee along with serving as a Rates Assessor on the Rates Committee. I feel a role on the Roads Committee will suit my interests in road systems and associated matters. This role needs someone with an interest in the Parish environment as well as our commercial town centre. I support access for all, whether pedestrians, cyclists, shoppers or deliveries; all need catering for. Residents in town need a good quality of life. I have run my own haulage business for the past two decades and have personal interests including music (I play the saxophone), walking, cycling and socialising with friends.

Barry Le Feuvre - Elected

Born in St Helier, I have lived in the Parish for more than 50 years. My profession has allowed me for over 50 years to have dealt with a variety of transactions, ranging from road widening to the complex purchases of the Town Hall and St Ewold’s Residential Home. The knowledge gained from these projects has proved to be valuable to various departments at the Town Hall during my term on the Roads Committee.

I am currently vice-chair of the West of Town Community Association at a time when the preservation of the People’s Park and Westmount are of paramount importance to Jersey and the parishioners of St Helier. I currently work with Deputies Gardiner and Ward on projects to improve road safety in St John's Road and in St Mark's and Janvrin Roads. I hope you will give me your vote and opportunity to further continue these enhancements.

Bernie Manning - Elected

I have been an active and committed member of the St Helier Roads Committee since 2015. As a St Helier resident, I am passionate about where we live, and I feel that with my experience and dedication I will help ensure that St Helier adheres correctly and properly to the Loi (1914) sur la Voirie regulation.

As a Roads Committee member, I regularly promote and propose that at least one parking space per unit of accommodation on new building developments is a requirement and that infrastructure of charging points for cars and bikes is in place to future-proof adequate services for residents.

Prior to becoming a St Helier Roads Committee member in 2015, I served as a St Helier Roads Inspector from 2008 – 2015, and I hope I can count on your support when it comes to voting for the new Committee.

Mario Pirozzolo

I am no stranger to Parish work, having served as a Shadow Conseiller, Roads Inspector, and Accounts Committee Member for a number of years. Previously, I initiated and ran the Jersey Seaside Festival for 10 years, having received the Jersey Award for Enterprise during its first year.

As a Roads Committee Member, I will be honoured to help represent the community that I have lived in for 35 years with my wife and two children. Concurrently I have served in the British Army Reserve and have been decorated on a number of occasions. Apart from administering St Helier’s by-roads, I am keen to improve the life chances for young people - I have a strong sense of cultural awareness and an understanding of their background and heritage.

I am currently self-employed and enjoy being able to actually achieve change in St Helier. I make great efforts to pull different agencies together to make change happen. This has often been really basic stuff communicating and looking after parishioners.

Kevin Proctor - Elected

I am chair and member on a number of committees within the community and have been a Roads Inspector for the Parish for the last 3 years, having just been re-elected for another 3-year term. I have prior commitment and knowledge for the role, having attended many Roads Committee meetings.

I am an active environmentalist and volunteer with various organisations, demonstrating my commitment to the community and developing those around me; once I have a plan I follow it through to the end.

I have a thorough approach to my involvement in the community; using a calm and analytical approach for decision-making, and having the ability to listen to others and actively consider a range of ideas.

I believe I will bring informed decision-making to the Committee coming from an excellent knowledge of the Parish, my experience as a Roads Inspector, and my years of support to this community.

Ted Vibert - Elected

Involved in Jersey politics for over 60 years, as an Evening Post reporter I reported on political matters during the late 50s and 60s, and I’m now a regular columnist and letter-writer to the JEP. I also served as a St Helier Deputy for the No. 1 district before being elected to Senator in 2003.

For the last six years I have chaired the First Tower Community Association, and have been the driving force behind the floral corner at First Tower.

I believe that St Helier’s traffic problems will become intolerable with the location of the new hospital at Overdale, and my political knowledge and experience will be of value in helping the Parish deal with problems that are likely to arise.

Further Information

If you require any further information please contact Parish Secretary, Alison Sweeney, at or 811880.