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Shadow Conseil: Standing for Election

Shadow Conseil: Standing for Election


To stand for election, you must be eligible to vote at the Parish Assembly. This means you must be on the St Helier electoral register, a St Helier rate payer in your own name or mandataire (i.e. the named representative of a body corporate paying rates in St Helier). Elected members of the States Assembly are not eligible to stand for the Shadow Conseil.

If you meet one of these criteria but are not yet on the relevant register and wish to stand for election, you must have registered at least 48 hours before the Parish Assembly on Wednesday 18th December. For advice on how to do this, please contact the Parish Secretary -

If you want to discuss your eligibility, please contact the Parish Secretary -

Standing for Election

Elections will take place at the Parish Assembly being held at the Town Hall at 7pm on Wednesday 18th December 2019. Anyone eligible to vote in a St Helier Parish Assembly is welcome to attend and vote on the evening.

The Assembly will seek to elect one youth member (age 16-24) and four other members.

To facilitate the smooth running of the Assembly it would be helpful to inform us, in advance, of your intention to stand for election. Although not essential, this will help us plan the evening and validate your eligibility to stand for election in advance. To notify us, please complete the form below and return to the Parish Secretary,, by 5pm on Tuesday 17th December 2019.

If you are standing for election, please do read the attached guidelines document so that you know what to expect on the evening.

Election Results

On Wednesday 18th December, St Helier residents attended a Parish Assembly at the Town Hall for the election of members to the Shadow Conseil. The Assembly elected four members to join the Constable, Roads Committee and Procureurs du Bien Public to form St Helier’s Shadow Conseil Municipal.

Whilst no nominations were received for the Shadow Conseil’s youth member, the Constable reported that the position would be held open and the Assembly asked to consider nominations for this role in 2020.

The following candidates were duly elected:

  • Lyndsay Feltham
  • Barbara Corbett
  • Malcolm L’Amy
  • Mario Pirozzolo

The press release covering the election can be seen below.