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Shadow Conseil, the Role of the Youth Member

Shadow Conseil, the Role of the Youth Member

The role of the Youth Member

As the youth member of the Shadow Conseil you will have the same role as other members but with an additional responsibility to specifically consider, reflect and represent the needs and views of young people.

This provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in politics or government to take an active role in shaping their Parish and how its services are developed and delivered in the future. You may be passionate about protecting the environment, you may want to increase the provision youth services and facilities, or promote up-cycling, recycling, Whatever your passion, whatever you think needs to change, this is an opportunity to influence these issues and many more.

As the Youth Member there will be opportunities to work with schools, youth groups and others across the Parish, seeking wider views and ideas of what needs to be addressed.

This really is an amazing opportunity to represent not just your own views but the views and interest of young people across St Helier, to make St Helier a better place for young people to live.