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St Helier Shadow Conseil Municipal, Background

St Helier Shadow Conseil Municipal, Background


The concept of a Conseil Municipal for St Helier has been discussed for over 100 years.

In 1892 the Chamber of Commerce, seeking more representative administration for St Helier and what they hoped would be a more vigorous local government, set up a working party which brought its recommendations to a public meeting. Debate in the newspapers was lively. The outlines of the proposal were as follows: ‘That a corporation be created for the Parish and that a council be elected, to be called ‘Conseil Municipal de St Helier'.

At the Parish Assembly in November 2019, the Assembly agreed to establish a Shadow Conseil Municipal for St Helier during 2020. The Constable subsequently lodged an amendment to the Government Plan to request the Chief Minister to establish a Policy Development Board to work with the Shadow Conseil during 2020 and make recommendations back to the States Assembly at the same time as the Shadow Conseil will report back to the Parish Assembly.

Parish Objectives

The purpose of progressing the Conseil is to help better deliver our objectives and achieve even greater community representation, engagement and involvement in all that we do. Our aim is that:

St Helier is a vibrant, safe, engaging and attractive Parish where people choose to live, work and visit.

To achieve this we've set some key objectives of:

  • delivering a safe, clean, attractive, environmentally friendly, natural and built environment;
  • facilitating and promoting a vibrant, inclusive, engaging, accessible capital;
  • enabling and facilitating social inclusion, well-being and community engagement for all parishioners;
  • providing modern, pro-active services whilst retaining and promoting local traditions, culture, arts and history;
  • facilitating and promoting a town where businesses can flourish and parishioners are able to participate in economic activity; and
  • delivering value for money to rate payers while keeping the Parish Rate low.