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The Shadow Conseil

The Shadow Conseil

Welcome - Background - The Shadow Conseil - Conseil Member - Election - Meetings

The purpose of the Shadow Conseil

The Shadow Conseil has been established by the Parish Assembly as a Parish Committee for 2020. In adopting Project P6/2019, the Assembly agreed that the Shadow Conseil would support the Constable, Parish and Roads Committee to deliver their aims and objectives to meet the changing demands and needs of parishioners. The Shadow Conseil is an advisory committee that does not have any statutory powers. Its establishment is to test the concept of a Conseil, support and advise on the development and implementation of Parish strategies and policies, and support discussions with government on development of a Conseil Municipal.

Composition of the Shadow Conseil

The Shadow Conseil will comprise:

  • The Constable;
  • The two Procureurs du Bien Public;
  • Roads Committee members;
  • One youth member (age 16-24) to be elected at a Parish Assembly; and
  • Four other members to be elected at a Parish Assembly.

When will the Shadow Conseil meet

The Shadow Conseil will meet monthly during 2020. It is currently envisaged that meetings will take place at 6pm on a weekday evening.

What will be on the agenda

The agenda for each meeting will be set throughout the year. However, the agendas are likely to include matters such as:

  • climate change and environmental policies and issues;
  • recycling and waste collection strategy;
  • anti-litter strategy;
  • transport and parking policy and strategy;
  • parks, gardens and allotments;
  • digital services;
  • retail, hospitality and commerce;
  • heritage, arts and tourism;
  • town vibrancy and accessibility; and
  • community engagement.