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Town Centre Partnership

Town Centre Partnership

The Town Centre Partnership was founded in November 2008 and was funded by the States of Jersey and the Parish of St Helier, with recruitment affected by the Chamber of Commerce. Richard Mackenzie was appointed as Town Centre Manager and the office was opened in the Central Market in January 2009. Daphne East was then appointed to the role in October 2014, following Richard Mckenzie's retirement.

Communication groups were founded in January 2009 and the first Fête de St Hélier held in July. The Springboard Counting Scheme funded by the Parish was installed in December and provided vital information to retailers regarding customer conversion. Another camera was installed at the North of the Market area in November 2010, sponsored by the States of Jersey.

Aim of the Partnership 

The aim of the Town Centre Partnership is to work with town centre businesses, property owners, residents, community groups and statutory services to:

  • Encourage investment; and
  • Promote and market the town centre as a premier place to work, visit and live.

The Partnership also aims to advise and support businesses and to give those businesses a voice.

Daphne East, Town Centre Manager
Parish of St Helier
Town Hall
St Helier

Telephone: 811813
Mobile: 07797 824843
Email: daphne.east@posh.gov.je

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