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Outdoor Fitness Instructors

Outdoor Fitness Instructors

The parks of the Parish of St Helier are used by people of all ages and of different fitness levels as part of a healthy lifestyle, from lunchtime joggers to Island Games and Commonwealth Games competitors.

Being a licensed fitness operator gives you the exciting opportunity of undertaking fitness activities in some truly unique environments.

If you wish to use the parks for personal training or to run group fitness sessions you must be licensed. We licence operators to ensure that:

  • the parks are protected
  • park visitors can benefit from, enjoy and engage in fitness training in a variety of outdoor environments
  • fitness operators hold appropriate qualifications (based on industry best practice), and are fully insured and hold liability for participant's safety

Fees and charges for Fitness Operators

One off fitness event fee £50

3 Month fitness licence fee £100

6 Month fitness licence fee £175

Annual fitness licence fee £300

A deposit of £200 as a refundable deposit against damage must also be paid. This will be released within six to eight weeks after the event has finished.


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