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Residents' Parking Zones

Residents' Parking Zones

The Residents' Parking Zones (RPZs) were designed to provide preferential parking for residents in their neighbourhoods that the zones encompass.

Only a limited number of permits are issued in order to balance the requirements of permit spaces for residents with pay-card spaces for visitors.

Resident Permits

If you live within a Residents' Parking Zone, have a Jersey registered vehicle, and you do not have off-street parking at the premises, you may be eligible for a Resident's permit. It is worth noting that a resident may not hold more than one permit at the same time.

Business Permits

If you are the owner of a business that operates from an address within a zone and have a Jersey-registered vehicle, which is used in Jersey exclusively for the purposes of the business, you may be eligible for a Business permit.

Temporary Permits

These permits are available for contractors employed to carry out works within the zones at a cost of £6.95 (+ GST) per day. Applications for temporary permits should be made to Customer Services at the Town Hall, together with details of the vehicle, prior to work commencing. These are available for a duration of up to two weeks. If you require longer, then please contact with us on 811 811

For assistance, please check the FAQ section below or contact our Customer Services Team on 811 811.

Contact: Customer Services Team

Email: rpz@posh.gov.je

Phone: (01534) 811811

Schemes / Zones

St Mark's

The Zone includes the St Helier sections of Stopford Road and St Mark's Road, together with Gas Place, Apsley Road, Chevalier Road, Common Lane, Oxford Road, Janvrin Road (part), Byron Road, Byron Lane, St Mark's Lane and part of the eastern side of David Place.

Cheapside Zone

Extending from the Esplanade (part) in the south to Roussel Street in the north, and from Kensington Place/Elizabeth Place/Rouge Bouillon (part) in the east to parts of St Aubin's and New St John's Roads in the west. This zone also encompasses the lower ends of Westmount Road and Old St John's Road.

St Thomas' Zone

This zone covers a large area linking the St Mark's Zone in the east to the Cheapside Zone in the west. This extends from part of Rouge Bouillon in the north to Vauxhall Street, Devonshire Place and The Parade in the south.

Richmond Road Zone

A small local scheme including Richmond Road and part of the north side of La Pouquelaye between its junctions with each end of Richmond Road.

New Zones There is currently no plans to implement any new zones at this time . If there is enough demand, through letters and contact made with the Parish, then a feasibility study will be undertaken before potentially implementing a zone.

Residents' Parking FAQ's

Am I eligible for a Resident's Permit?

  • If you reside in a Zone and keep a vehicle for personal use then yes.
  • As long as you don't have more than one permit at the same time.

  • As long as you only use it in the vehicle for which it was issued. It is not transferable between vehicles.

I have off-street parking, am I eligible for a permit?

  • No, if you have access to off-street parking where you live you may not be eligible for a permit.

I live in rented accommodation but cannot use the parking provided, can I apply for a permit?

  • Yes you can. You will need a letter from your Landlord confirming you are unable to use the parking provided.

I have a work vehicle; can I apply for a permit?

  • Yes you can, providing it is not a commercial vehicle with an unladden weight exceeding 1,600kgs.
  • It is less than 6'6" (2metres) wide
  • It weighs under 1,600kgs.
  • You must provide a letter from the company confirming you have sole use of the vehicle.
  • Please note that only one permit is available per person.

I own a business; can I apply for a permit?

  • Yes, if you operate a business from an address within a zone and have a Jersey registered vehicle and it is only used in Jersey for business purposes.

I am a disabled badge holder, do I get a permit?

  • Specific provision has been made in the zones for disabled parking areas. If there is a waiting list for Residents' Permits, preference will be given to Blue Badge holders

How do I apply for a permit?

  • Application forms are available online and from the Town Hall and should be submitted to the Customer Services Team at the Town Hall. You will need to provide proof of residence such as a utility bill or a bank statement dated within the last month and you may need to produce your vehicle registration document once a permit becomes available.

How much will a permit cost for 12 months?

  • St Mark's, St Thomas' and Cheapside Zones £304 + GST
  • Richmond Road £151 + GST

  • Business permits £227 + GST regardless of Zone

  • Please note the price of permits may alter on an annual basis

How long do I have to wait for my permit?

  • The waiting lists for the various zones vary and it's impossible to advise exactly how long you can be waiting for a permit. As soon as one becomes available, our Customer Service Team will be in contact with you

What are Temporary Resident's Permits? Can I apply for one?

  • These are available for contractors employed to carry out works in the zone at a cost of £6.95 + GST per day
  • Application forms should be completed in full and submitted to the Customer Services Team at the Town Hall in good time. Please note that during busy periods it may not always be possible to process the permit whilst you wait so please ensure you submit your application at least 24 hours before the date it is required.

Can visitors park in my place?

  • No, there are designated visitor spaces that require a paycard in each zone between the hours of 9am and 10pm. There is no visitor parking within the zones between 10pm and 9am daily

Can I park in a visitor space using just my permit or do I need to display paycards as well?

  • You can park in paycard areas, except car parks, between 5pm and 9am Monday to Friday and all day on Saturdays and Sundays, without the need to display a paycard.

What happens if I move out of a Resident's Parking Zone?

  • Permit holders are entitled to a refund if they vacate a zone. This is subject to a £10.50 administration and GST fee.

How is the scheme policed?

  • The Community Support Team, St Helier's Honorary Police, the Road's Inspector and others duly authorised by the Connétable regularly patrol the Zones.

What happens if I change my vehicle?

  • Contact the Customer Services Team on 811811 or by email at rpz@posh.gov.je and they will arrange for a grace period of two weeks for you to display your current permit in your new car whilst you get the vehicle registration documents organised.
  • Bring your new registration documents into the Town Hall once it has been updated into your name together with your current permit and we will issue a new permit free of charge.