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The Public Highway - What is it?

The public highway encompasses pavements, footpaths, roads and by-roads. When carrying out any building work, maintenance, or removing part of a property next to a public road, pavement or rear lane, the safety of people on the road is paramount. Licences are needed to ensure that the safety of the public is maintained. If you want to carry out works on the public highway, or you want to put a skip, scaffolding, access plant, refreshment facilities or other objects on, in or over the public highway then, under the Highways (Jersey) Law 1956, permission is required from the Parish, in conjunction with the Highways Authority, if not the Parish. The Highways Authority for the Parish is the Roads Committee chaired by the Connétable.

Road Closures (P10)

Permission is needed to close or partially restrict a road. Within St Helier, the Parish administer all applications. Noise in and around St Helier should be within the guidelines of the Statutory Nuisances (Jersey) Law 1999. Applications can be made by returning the application form at the bottom of this web page. The charge for road closures is £50. This will be invoiced at the end of the month for every day or part thereof that the road is closed. A minimum of 7 days notice is required in order to inform various organisations and agencies. Note that during peak seasons, embargoes are enforced on various parts of St Helier, please see Embargo Road Files for details.


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