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Starts: 01-04-20

A comedy by Peter Quilter / by permission of Samuel French

Florence Foster Jenkins was a New York heiress who used all her wealth, passion and boundless energy to pursue her goal of becoming a great operatic diva. Despite being completely tone deaf, Florence's performances became legendary. Supported by her pianist - Cosme, her lover - St Clair, her eccentric neighbour - Dorothy, and her Mexican maid - Maria, Florence eventually captured the hearts of everyone. In the end she was truly Glorious!

With Tessa Coleman, Damien Cayro, Guy Browning, Brodie Train, Michelle Parker and Jess Perchard.

When: Wednesday 1st to Saturday 4th April

Where: Jersey Arts Centre

Time: 7.30pm

For more information and to book tickets, please telephone the Jersey Arts Centre's box office on 700444.

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