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Juliette Burton: Defined (in the Studio)

Juliette Burton: Defined (in the Studio)

Starts: 16-05-20

Juliette Burton is an award-winning comedian, writer and mental health campaigner. She has previously performed five critically acclaimed solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Look At Me

Fri 15th May | 8PM

What will you see if you Look At Me?

Award-winning performer Juliette Burton’s been fat, thin and everything between. Now, she’ll change even more!

From dressing sexily to wearing the hijab, being male, obese, old and nude: can changing our outsides change who we are on the inside? And is who we appear to be who we are?


Sat 16th May | 8PM

Juliette is full of contradictions: pessimistic optimist? Introverted extrovert? Successful failure? Masculine or feminine? Happy or sad? Mentally ill or healthy? Why must we choose one or the other? After a year of huge change, Juliette had to redefine her life, labels and herself.

‘Burton’s got huge talent and then some!’ ***** Daily Mirror


Full: £14

Concessions: £12

Book for both shows: £3 off

For more information and to book tickets, please telephone the Jersey Opera House's box office on 511115.