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Masterplan for Havre des Pas - exhibition of the proposals

Masterplan for Havre des Pas - exhibition of the proposals

In the Spring of last year, the Parish appointed consultants to undertake a study to identify opportunities and review options for how the Havre des Pas area might be improved for residents and visitors. A Project Steering Group was set up to manage the study, consisting of the Connétable, Deputies, representatives from the Parish of St Helier, Growth, Housing and Environment, local business people and residents.

Working closely with the Havre des Pas Improvement Group, the Steering Group defined two key objectives for the study to address:

Objective 1

‘To examine ways to reduce significantly the volume of traffic passing through the area, particularly on Havre des Pas and Green Street.’

Objective 2

‘To explore options that would help redefine Havre des Pas as a residential ‘village area’, whilst also making it a more attractive destination for people to visit.’

Proposals include making Havre des Pas and Green Street one way to reduce traffic and allow improvements to be made to the public realm, together with a series of possible development opportunities to attract more visitors and help restore the vitality and vibrancy of the area. Together, these proposals form a Masterplan for Havre des Pas, to help improve the area in the years to come.

To help us take the Masterplan forward we need to know your views. We are delighted therefore to invite you to attend an exhibition of the proposals, to be held at:

the Ommaroo Hotel, Havre des Pas

Thursday 21st February 2019 (12pm - 2pm and 3:30pm - 8pm), and

the Town Hall, St Helier

Thursday 28th February 2019 (12pm - 2pm and 3:30pm - 5pm)

Members of the consultant’s team will be there during the hours shown above to answer your questions and to give you the opportunity to discuss your views.

The exhibition will be at the Ommaroo Hotel from Thursday 21st February until Wednesday 27th February, at which time it will relocate to the Town Hall from Thursday 28th February to the end of the consultation period on Wednesday 27th March 2019.

We hope you can make it and that you will let us know what you think, to help us to bring real change to the area.

For more information please contact Connétable Simon Crowcroft at constable@posh.gov.je or 01534 811821.