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Parish Assembly: Wednesday 16th December 2020

Parish Assembly: Wednesday 16th December 2020

Starts: 16-12-20

The next Parish Assembly will take place on Wednesday 16th December 2020, at 7pm.

The election for a St Helier Rates Assessor and Roads Inspectors will take place at this meeting

In light of current Covid restrictions on gatherings, the form of the Assembly this year will be different to previous years, in that it will be held at the Town Hall and online.

Parishioners wishing to attend the Assembly in person or online are asked to register in advance by contacting the Parish Secretary by 5pm on Tuesday 15th December 2020.

Parishioners who are in a high risk category, or are over 70 years of age, are encouraged to join the Assembly online. Where this is not possible, we advise you to consider carefully the risks of attending the Assembly.

The Parish is utilising a Covid track and trace system for those attending the Assembly in person.

The Parish will hold this Assembly in accordance with the latest government guidance

A copy of the agenda is available below to view and download