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Parish Assembly: Wednesday 9th June 2021

Parish Assembly: Wednesday 9th June 2021

Starts: 09-06-21

Meeting Arrangements

The next Parish Assembly will take place on Wednesday 9th June 2021, at 7pm in the Town Hall's Assembly Room.

A copy of the agenda and project for the meeting are available below to view and download.

In light of current Covid restrictions on gatherings, although the Parish Assembly will be held at the Town Hall, parishioners are requested where possible to take advantage of the online facility.

Parishioners wishing to attend the Assembly in person should contact Parish Secretary, Alison Sweeney, at or 811880, by 5pm on Sunday 6th June, providing their name and address (spaces will be limited and reserved for those who are unable to attend virtually). All those attending online or in person, and who are eligible to vote, will be able to do so.

Parishioners wishing to attend the Assembly online are asked to register in advance in order to vote, by contacting the Parish Secretary by 5pm on Sunday 6th June 2021.

We are limiting numbers attending at the Town Hall for health and safety reasons, so please consider the risks of attending in person carefully. The Constable is working with the Comité des Connétables to propose changes to existing legislation to make it possible for parishioners who wish to attend/vote at a Parish Assembly to do so without having to rely on an online system.