Patrick Monahan
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Patrick Monahan - Rewind Selector 90s

Patrick Monahan - Rewind Selector 90s

At the Jersey Opera House

Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May, at 8pm

Patrick Monahan compares life as an Irish/Iranian teenager in 90s Cool Britannia to today's Teen Brexit Britain. Rewind Selector 90s is about identity, fitting in and enjoying the decade. 'Drink and drugs and rock 'n' roll' was the trademark saying of the 1990s, but for the tea total and drug-free Monahan it was 'cake and tea and R 'n' B'!

Monahan explores what life was like for teenagers in the 90s growing up with basic technology, unlike teenagers today who are growing up with technology that's more powerful than a NASA spaceship in the 1960s! He compares the current problems teenagers face, such as faulty phone charger leads, dabbing and whether they should Instagram their dinner or just eat it.

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